Pikler Triangle

Pikler Triangle

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Modifiable Pikler triangle consists of 4 wooden sides, each is 60*80 cm with security pins, You can buy the Pikler triangle with one of these Choices:

Wooden Pikler triangle only without the slide. (2500 egp)
Colored Wooden Pikler triangle without the slide. (2700 egp)
You can add a Wooden slide with two sides one for sliding and the other for climbing (regular wooden rods 500 egp)
You can add a Wooden slide with two sides one for sliding and the other for climbing (Wooden Blocks colored or wood color 650 egp)

Modifiable Pikler triangle is a sturdy indoor/outdoor climbing structure. It encourages little ones (ages 6 months to 6 years) to practice gross motor development skills and physical challenges at their own pace. Babies begin by pulling up on the rungs as they learn to stand, and can slowly teach themselves to climb up and over.
The idea behind the Pikler is to empower children to safely explore what their body is capable of independently of their parents. It also encouraging curiosity and self-confidence in their own physical abilities!
The Pikler Triangle is associated with the Montessori method for learning. However, it is based on observations of Dr. Pikler, who believed in respectful child-rearing,  free movement, and independent learning through play.
Modifiable Pikler triangle can be modified to use in different acting or baby play, such as baby gym, camp house, tent, doll theater, etc.
follow open-ended toys principal as it can be used in different ways during several years of child life.

wooden slide size 120*50 cm
Packing Size for Pikler: 30*82*62 cm
Packing Size for Slide: 50*115*8 cm
Total Weight: 17 KG approx.

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