Messy Kitchen Toddler

Messy Kitchen Toddler

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Age: 3+


What’s better than pretend play for a toddler?

With Messy Kitchen toddlers, the child acts as a chef, challenged to prepare healthy meals for you.

With this matching and role-play game, your child will discover healthy food ingredients, meals, and groups in a super fun way. The content of the game is nutritionists-approved and is aligned with the “Australian Guide of Healthy Food”. Check out the video here!


  • 30 ingredients
  • 10 healthy plates
  • 7 food categories


  • Literacy skills
  • Visual memory
  • Attention skills

How to play:

Method 1

  • Hand your child one “Healthy plate card”.
  • Let them mix and match the right ingredients.
  • Give them the next, until all 10 finished.

Note: You can put a time limit for more challenge.

Method 2

  • Ask your child to categorize the ingredients into food groups.

Note: Color coding on the back of the card is a hint.

  • Share with them some of the written tips on the back of each “Ingredient card” 

Method 3

  • Hand your child the “Make you own recipe” card
  • Let them surprise you with their specialty!

You can encourage your child on healthy eating by actually cooking some of those meals together! Yummy!

Inside the box:

  • 5 double-faced "Meal cards"
  • 30 "Ingredient cards"
  • 1 “Empty plate” Thin board
  • 1 "Make your own recipe" card
  • “How to play” pamphlet

No. of players: 1-3 player(s)

Duration: Free playtime

Good to know: The box and cards in this game are made of thick hard stock to ensure suitability for a younger age.

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Messy Kitchen Toddler
Messy Kitchen Toddler
Messy Kitchen Toddler
Messy Kitchen Toddler
Messy Kitchen Toddler
Messy Kitchen Toddler