Our story doesn't start at ConyWorld, it started way before it. But it was the one thing that brought us together; leaving our print in the world.

Seeing how mothers around us, especially our sisters, struggle in parenting, we decided to be try and make parenting just a bit easier; by the tools & toys we make and the content we share.



Hazem El-Shatlawy, June 1990
Engineering, GUC graduate.
Loves Reading, fishing and drawing.

Hazem studied design and production engineering at the German University in Cairo. He is passionate about design and innovation since childhood. During his undergrad studies he worked with the united nations as a freelancer product designer in the industrial development organization. After graduation in 2017 he worked as the head of  Design and Engineering at Saloni Mobilya (a turkish furniture company). Before he co-founded ConyWorld he was the Head of Research and development at Riadco furniture company. Now the CEO of ConyWorld.


Mona Fattouh, Nov. 1994
Marketing & Sales Manager
Applied Arts, GUC graduate.
Entrepreneur, wife and travel enthusiast.

I am Mona Fattouh, I just finished a quarter of century 👵🏼. I graduated from Applied Science & Arts, GUC in 2017.
I am passionate about traveling, meeting new people, and entrepreneurship. Since childhood my sisters and I used to open "mini market" in summer at our house and sell anything to our mom, dad, siblings, and even guests 😈
Somtimes I feel overwhelmed with ConyWorld. Can’t imagine that I grew up and co-founded a real company that has been operating for a year, has real customers, employees, production process, suppliers, .. etc.
Nonetheless I have worked as a media designer at a digital marketing agency, where I learned a lot, but then I decided to quit to pursue my dream of starting my own business. Turning our mini market fantasy into reality 😄😎

Lena Fakahany, Sept. 1995
Media Design Manager
Applied Arts, GUC graduate.
Entrepreneur, Influencer and swimmer.

Salam ya gama3a 👋🏻  Let me introduce myself. I'm Lena Fakahany, 24 years of age. In 2018 I've graduated from Media Design, GUC.
I am very passionate about social media content creation, making Vlogs on YouTube, swimming and of course entrepreneurship.
On my last year in Applied Arts, I worked at an advertising agency, but within 7 months of work I quit. I couldn't find my passion there. I aspire to be more than just a desk employee.
I pursued my path towards entrepreneurship and found the absolute perfect teammates to share such an experience with. And now it has been more than a year since we co-founded ConyWorld 💫


Salma Hani, Oct. 1995
Content Creator
Applied Arts, GUC graduate.
Mother, entrepreneur and photographer. 

I’m Salma Hani, 24 years old. I graduated in 2018 from Applied Arts, GUC. During my undergrad years I worked as a Motion Graphics Designer, but soon after I graduated I decided to leave this job because I wasn’t completely passionate about it! 
As a mom I know the struggle of juggling a million responsibilities all at the same time, this is why I am very passionate about helping out fellow parents, it makes me extremely happy knowing that what we do at ConyWorld makes life a little bit easier for moms and dads out there💫


Mahmoud Salem, Nov. 1990
Engineering, GUC graduate.
Loves horseback riding, football and reading.
My name is Mahmoud! I have worked in so many fields like agricultural projects & fish breeding, but since my bachelor I have been interested in the field of quality control and the best thing is that I was able to implement it here in ConyWorld.
I have learnt a lot as a founder and as the head of operations, especially how important planning is with every step we take.