Our team has expanded during this year and we couldn't have reached to where we stand right now without our Conies.


    THE CONIES    


Fady Magdy, Feb. 1991
Commerce, Ain-Shams University.
Worked as: Accountant
Hello there! I am Fady. I was responsible for ConyWorld's financials. It wasn't long when I started working that my sense of belonging to this place have increased; It was like I have known the team for years. I loved how involved we were in generating & synthesizing new ideas.
I have learnt the stepping stones of a startup, and how to make it grow and develop especially planning targets for short and long periods.
Truly one of the best teams I have worked with. I'll forever remember ConyWorld and will always keep them in my prayers.
Omar Boshra, March 1994
Engineering, GUC graduate.
Worked on: ScanTan App
Hello, my name is Omar! I am responsible for the software development work at Cony world. I love to make my work as child friendly as possible with wild animations and effects as I am a child at heart :)
With regards to scantan I worked with ConyWorld on making the game interactive for children as we focused on moving the children from the virtual world on to the real one.
Menna El-Badawy, Dec. 2000
Applied Arts, GUC student.
Worked on: WePlay (Under the sea) + Flash-cards

Hello I am Menna! I’ve always loved kids and loved playing with them and I have noticed the impact on children in one of the bazaars with ConyWorld, when kids comment on wePlay (under the sea) and show how much they loved it. Working with ConyWorld I've learnt how to create something that interests the kids and at the same time really benefits them. It was so much fun working on both projects.

Mai Askar, Sept. 1999
Applied Arts, GUC student.
Worked on: Udo

Hello, my name is Mai Soliman! A product design student. I started working at ConyWorld as an intern in September 2020 afterwards I joined the team as a head of product design. What attracted me to ConyWorld is the working environment as well as there openness towards new ideas and fresh concepts. The first product I designed in Conyworld was Udo. Udo is a building blocks set that was so interesting to work on and to develop this concept through engaging more senses and understand the user to deliver the most interesting outcome which is our aim here in the design department.

Tasneem Tawakol, Dec. 1995
Applied Arts, GUC graduate.
Worked on: The Newsletter
Hello, my Name is Tasneem! A Media Designer. I started working at ConyWorld in August 2020. I currently write our weekly newsletter; talking about different topics that are important to mothers, kids and every family. What I like the most about ConyWorld is that they value every idea even if you think it’s small. I looking forward to see ConyWorld become one of the biggest companies domestically and Internationally.