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It is very important for us at ConyWorld to make sure that we are helping parents in anyway we can, it means the world to us knowing that we made your day happier even if it’s just a tiny bit!

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We know that cooking and preparing fun meals can be challenging specially if you’re a working parent! This is why I will tell you about someone who I really admire. Annabel Karmel is the author of several books on nutrition and cooking for babies, children, and families. And who is, of course, a very creative and talented chef. 🍳🍚🥘

She literally has recipes for all the age stages; starting with pregnancy recipes, all the way to grown-up entertainment recipes ;) 🤰 👦 🧒 

You can find hundreds of great recipes on her website for babies, toddlers, and the whole family. They also have extensive articles for mums and dads full of expert advice and tips for bringing up a young family. 👶👧🧒👩👨

One of the things I found interesting on her website is that she has recipes for many occasions like a bonfire night, mother’s day, birthday parties, and more, so you won't spend many hours cooking! 🥳

I will share with you one of her recipes, I hope you find it yummy like I did too. Stuffed Pita Bread Pockets 🥙🥙


Tip: You can have quality time with your child by choosing something they like to eat and cooking it together <3 🧑‍🍳🍳 

Share with us some of the yummy recipes you did on our Instagram/Facebook page so you can inspire other mommies/aunties/ grandmas as well ;)


In the end... I am looking forward to seeing you wonderful recipes, and I really hope you’ll enjoy cooking Annabel’s delicious recipes.


Thank you 🥰
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