Your 'Me Time' matters!

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I was looking through the Internet when I came across a story that I felt I relate to. And therefore thought I would share it with you. 🙆🏻‍♀️‍♀️

"It was in my early forties when I woke up with a question in my mind. “Am I the most unimportant person in my life.? As I wore my sports shoes, getting ready to go for a walk, the question kept bouncing in my mind. In the lush green joggers park, as I saw people walking around, assuming that they were trying to reduce weight or stress or both, I started wondering. Why is it that all my time goes to others – my seniors at work, my friends, my family?. Even my dog was more demanding. My family got the least of my time and I got none!"~ Brig Sushil Bhasin

After reading the story it occurred to me Why mothers feel guilty to spend have Free or Me Time, why mothers think that they should stay with their kids 24/7? I will share with you some thoughts on this message. ☺️

But first, What is "Me Time?" 🤔


Psychologists say Alone Time... reboots our brains, helps us rewind, gives space for self-discovery, allows time for deep thinking, makes us more productive, aids in problem-solving, and enhances our relationships.

Spending your 'Me Time' can be as simple as watching tv, looking from the window, or as big as joining a sports team or traveling.

You might wonder about the possibility of finding even a few hours for yourself, so here are some tricks to make that happen:

1- Do it early, wake up 30 minutes earlier than the rest of your household. ⏰

2- If you have an office door, close it. 🚪

3- Temporarily unplug from your gadgets. 📱💻

4- Take your lunch break in a park. 🍛🏞

5- If you're at home, give your kids a (guilt-free toy) that would entertain them and benefit them at the same time; while you just relax and have your special "Me Time"  😉. I suggest something like The Balancing Blocks 



In the next E-mail I will walk you through some examples on how to spend your special "Me Time" 😉

Feel free to share with me any thoughts, ideas, feedback, suggestions....etc I am looking forward to hearing back from you. 🥰

REMEMBER: Me-time is an essential ingredient of the recipe of happy life. Find time for yourself and give yourself the importance that you deserve. Life will be much, much better, I can assure you.



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