"New Day, New Me."

New year, New me?

Every new year, this thought comes to our minds. I speak for myself when I say that this sentence makes a part of me stress out. New year, New me rings a bell. It reminds me of trying to make my life perfect, that i can't make any mistakes, and reminds me of all the lists of goals that keep piling up through the previous years. That's why this year I decided that NO. I will not try to be some superhero that is all perfect, I will not stress myself with an impossible long list. These lists make me think that I can't just start over from the middle of the year, and that I have to wait only for next year. I think it's time for all of us to be easy on ourselves, and be the ones to give ourselves a pat on the back or even a hug whenever we feel that we need it.

Nevertheless, some people see the new year as a chance for new beginnings and new resolutions.

Psychologically, we need to time to step back and reflect on the previous years.
And socially, people have made 'New Year's" a day to reflect, but the downfall is people don't their goals realistic or put enough thought into what they want to work on, says Reporter DJ Manou.

When I think about it, It comes to my mind that the only one i'm going to let down by not completing my resolution is myself.

Brian Kim, a fourth-year political economy major says “In the past, a lot of my New Year’s resolutions have dealt with changing the outer layers of my personal development,” he said. “And it sucks. It sucks to only treat the symptoms without addressing the underlying issue. Our current behaviors are simply a reflection of our current identity. You know, the whole actions speak louder than words. To change our behavior, we have to start believing in ourselves. My New Year’s resolution is to have no New Year’s resolution; it’s to believe in myself, that I can change and become better. That being said, I don’t go to the gym. Too many people.”

The deeper, more internal problem like how you treat others or react to things will take a LOT more work than just saying you can do it.

Setting realistic or short-term goals help and reward yourself when you achieve them, above all, don't be hard on yourself.

I'd rather just do small things daily than are achievable to be a better person. New Day, New Me 

Just remember.... We are all a work in progress, and the important thing is that your goals are just 1- Realistic, 2- Measurable, 3- Achievable, and 4- Timely.

Small daily achievements are not "Small" and they will eventually lead to bigger ones. Getting out of bed in the morning, preparing your breakfast for yourself and your kids is an achievement, spending more time with your little ones, laughing more, not getting annoyed by the silliest things are all achievements. Write each one small achievement in a piace of paper on your mobile phone, and at the end of the day believe you will feel more proud of yourself

I hope you find peace, tranquility and enjoy this year with your daily realistic achievements. ;))

Tasneem from ConyWorld