Guilty as charged

There is no doubt that being a parent comes with all kinds of challenges. The biggest of all, for many of us, is the guilt that comes with it. We love our little ones so much that we want to give them the best, even if we don't say it out loud, sometimes we feel like we are not the best, or that we can do or be better for them.

We are bombarded with so many different advice, theories, parenting books and tips, there is no doubt that all of these resources are extremely useful and crucial for all parents to know. But it is also very important to know that only YOU know what's really best for your child, because most times what our kids truly need is true understanding and love and who in this world could ever do this better than you!

I know I just said we are bombarded with advice, but the best piece of advice I have ever received is GIVE UP THE GUILT! As cliché as it sounds this guilt is only holding you back. Instead of focusing on all the positive impacts you have on your little ones, you are filling your mind with negative thoughts that are scientifically proven to hold you back.

Understanding the guilt.
It's important to know that we feel guilty when our actions don’t meet the standards we set for ourselves, but sometimes these standards and expectations as just not realistic. We can't solve every single problem with our child effortlessly, we can't cook them healthy wholesome meals every single day and we most certainly can't be calm all of the time. It's totally fine to lose your temper every once in a while then apologize to your child, this way they will learn to be resilient and they will know that it’s totally okay to make mistakes, own up to them and see how they can fix it. This is life and this will teach your kids realistic and important life skills, and it's something that they will miss out on if you try to be perfect all of the time.

Long story short if you want the best for your child give up the guilt, as long as you are trying then this is the best!

Salma from ConyWorld