A little suggestion that will make your life easier.

Hello 😊😊

This is a short ‘tiring' 😩 story that you will most probably relate to, I know I definitely do. Going out with your kids!!! It can be .. well not so peaceful to say the least! You decide to take them out to entertain them so you probably think ok we’ll go to the park to play then will have a peaceful dinner together, but then you can’t even start driving because the kids can’t sit still or refuse to put the seat belt on!! You try to think of something to bribe them with so they can sit still, the first thing that comes to mind is your cellphone or tablet. While it can be a very effective solution to keep them busy for a while, it can actually cause permanent harm to their brains and eyes. You may feel relieved for sometime but after this Instant happiness you may feel guilty for giving them your phone , but really what else could you do!

Well, I have the solution for you but let’s take a trip down memory lane first 😉

Remember ”مجلة ميكي“ and how we were so excited to get the newest volume , and when we skipped through the pages to get to the riddles section. We used to spend so much time with ميكي. I was chatting with one of my friends, she told me that when she and her sibling were young and they had a road trip, they always had to stop on the way to buy ميكي.

It was something that brought us so much joy, kept us busy and sometimes even taught us something new! But most kids nowadays don’t experience this kind of joy due to their addiction to screens! This inspired us to create WePlay, it offers fun printed games that will enhance your little one's skills while they enjoy their time away from all the screens!

WePlay has multiple games with different difficulty levels, so the entire family can enjoy playing together and figuring out the solutions to the challenging games. It is especially designed at our office :D and every release has a different theme (Space, under the sea…).

Our main goal behind designing WePlay is limiting your little one's screen time by offering them a fun replacement! So if you’re looking for a solution, here’s a great one.
 WePlay and you will notice the difference yourself ;)


P.s: WePlay is suitable for all family members and it can be great on a friday night.


With Love,

Tasneem from ConyWorld 😍💙