5 chores your littles ones can help you with.

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We all know how easy for kids to play and throw their toys all over the house, and how hard it is to get them to actually clean up after they are done playing!

 I thought I would share  some ideas with you on how your kids can help with daily chores.

Doing chores is a tradition in many families.

Chores help kids learn responsibility, and sharing chores gives you help around the house.
Not sure your kids will go for it? Don't worry! There are ways to make chores a little bit, well, less of a chore for everyone.

You might think your child is too young. But your kids may be more capable than you think. Kids can do a lot of chores at an early stage. For example, getting clothes to the laundry or cleaning up after dinner. "We hold back too long because we think they need to be ready first. They'll learn by doing.

 You can make a Chores Chart
Have kids pick out the chores they'd most like to do.

First, check that everyone has an age-appropriate chore. Then divide the chart into three columns. One is for the list of chores and whose chore it is; another is for deadlines; the last one is for making a check mark when the chore is done. Put the chart where everyone can see it and let everyone follow through on their own assignments.



Below is a list of 5 Great Chores For Toddlers.

1- Put away their toys and books. 📕🧸

 Encourage your toddler to put things back by establishing a home for their playthings.
Also Dr. Gayle-Farias says that " Singing songs and playing games helps make cleanup time more fun and palatable for my daughter".


 2- Assist with laundry. 🧺

Help your toddler strengthen their fine and motor skills and hand-eye coordination by having them put their dirty clothes in the hamper.


3- Help with groceries. 🍇🥬

 Have your toddler carry in or stock anything light and non-breakable like fruits and vegetables.


 4- Set (and clear) the table. 🍽

Spoons, napkins, and plastic plates or cups are safe for the toddlers to hold. And maybe older siblings can hold things that are made of glass.


5- Make the bed. 🛌

It can take time for the child to learn how to make the bed alone, but the little ones can help with straightening their side of the bed.


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